Warp Pipe

Warp Pipe 0.3

Provides all Nintendo gamers the ability to bring their GameCubes online
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Warp Pipe Technologies

Warp Pipe - provides all Nintendo GameCube gamers the ability to bring their GameCubes online with ease no matter what operating system you may have in the house.

Main features:

- New GUI: A nice, uniform, friendly graphical user interface for Windows, Linux, OS X, and BSD.
- Auto Ping: Once you are connected to someone the GUI will ping the other person so you can see approximately how the game will perform.
- Auto Port Forwarding: Now there is functionality so that you don't have to open ports for the UDP game traffic. This is a step to 0.4. Until then if you want to listen for connections you still have to open port 4000 TCP. This should help individuals with routers.
- Automatic NIC Selection: Now you don't need to select the network card (NIC) that the GameCube is on. Warp Pipe will figure that out for itself.
- Wireless Network Support: If your PC or Mac is wireless, WarpPipe will now work. However, wireless game adapters are not yet officially supported, although some do work. We look forward to supporting wireless game adapters in version 0.4 to allow your GameCube to be connected to your network wirelessly.
- Bug Fixes: Per usual a slew of stuff to make it more compatible and not crash on peoples systems.

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